Albē at the Festival of Normandy Excellence, an arts and crafts trade show where participants are selected and handpicked! It was from October 20 to 22 in Rouen.

We were able to exhibit our jewelry and ready-to-wear collections for the first time. But above all we were able to meet our new customers. And tell you in person our story, our commitments to circularity and ecology. And discuss with you what makes the very essence of our brand.

It was our first experience, we had a small space but we made it welcoming. A kilim rug, two toad armchairs and regenerated wood furniture, made by Antoine Moisant (a Norman artist!) And presto, the decor was set. Can we say that for a first time, we took up the challenge?! We'll let you be the judge.

We would have could to doThat has infinity . You see to try the clothes , the jewelry and YOU hear We say that our creations are has there height . Unsurprisingly, the pieces that will have the most impact on you are the WEBĒT choker and the LŪBA jacket. We let's go again the stars full the eyes and have haste of to put back that . Spoiler, we'll see you at Fêno 2024, in one year things can happen...

Thank you for these quality meetings and to us new partners... Let the adventure begin!

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