We weren't going to have waste in our turn... So we were looking for the right idea to get away from the eternal favorite. And secretly a desire for an accessory to wear at Christmas!

This is how the idea of ​​a maxi collar germinated in our mischievous little minds. We often have fabrics for our prototypes for testing and they quickly end up adding up. Plumetis, gingham, embroidery, all the ingredients to create a capsule that smells like gingerbread.

Wavy, pointed or round, we had fun making these accessories which have the sole objective of adorning your pretty little necks. You will no doubt have noticed that we are a little out of our usual seriousness. This shows that these retro couture-style collars have a contagious effect.


Close your eyes (well, after reading these few lines) imagine yourself seated at a table, you will probably be at the end of the table, the smartest people know that the middle seats are the worst! You are cheerful, obviously everyone is present, even your antisocial cousin. You've been preparing this dinner all day.

Although happy, you have the right to be tired. So the dilemma of what outfit to wear after having had your head in the preparations without a break... Well, we want to tell you that a Maxi Collar looks great and like no one else!
Recycling, admit it, that’s good too ;)
To find the Maxi Cols collection, it's right here. 


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