In an industry that values ​​novelty over responsibility, we are continually looking for another answer. Know-how and circularity are at the heart of our design process. Reduce waste by reintegrating materials intended for the dumpster, and therefore polluting. It is first in the haute couture houses that we recover 90% of our fabrics, then in the destocking warehouses, the last part constituting innovative fibers. This cyclical process allows us to adapt our resources and trigger the very principle of Eco-Design.


Sourcing is the very basis of the process. However, to guarantee a transparent but above all low-impact production chain, it should not be done at the end of the world. Also, it is in France that we carry out our supply. The material is then transported to our main workshop in Normandy. By limiting the transport of our materials, we also limit our carbon footprint.


Logically, we do not want to create waste in our turn. Our order taking mode serves this logic. We don't race for novelty, for trends. We serve art, craftsmanship and craftsmanship.
By pre-ordering your Albē piece, you accept that it is made in an eco-designed logic and that the process will take longer than with the big players in fast-fashion.

360° recyclability of the material

Preserve the integrity of the material, whether textile or metal. Our mission is to create pieces that will never pollute again. How? It is from the design stage that we anticipate the end of life of our products. So that in 50 years when it arrives in the sorting centers, we can turn it back into a thread and ultimately into material.

  • Recyclability

    3 GENERATIONS, is the number of people we can clothe with the unsold items lying in stock, all brands combined.

    The question of the recyclability of all this waste arises. Also from the first stroke of the pen, we anticipate the end of life of our products. Lining, overproduction, revaluation of the material. Recovery from falls. Every action serves our desire for the lowest impact in the industry. Maison Albē is the first brand to anticipate the end of the life of its products.

  • Traceability

    100% of our material is recovered from dormant stocks. Whether textile or metal, from thread to accessories, the material is sourced exclusively in France. Then transformed in Normandy in our workshops. A process that guarantees total traceability of the delivery of our materials.

  • Sustainability

    We do not produce textiles. We rehabilitate other people's waste to make it an exceptional object that can be transmitted over time and be recyclable at the end of its life. How? By the choice of cuts, accessories. A contemporary but timeless design. High quality fabrics, sourced from the biggest names in the industry. By choosing our manufacturing techniques, we ensure that each piece is up to standard. A requirement that serves our objective for ever more sustainable fashion.

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Between gesture traditions and innovation, Maison Albē is the search for meaning, drawing on ancestral knowledge while seeking solutions to clean up the sector.

Firstly by partnering with EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or Living Heritage Company) certified workshops and master craftsmen. Then by working jointly with a design office and a research laboratory, to develop manufacturing and disassembly techniques which guarantee total recyclability of our products.

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