March 15, 2023

The Room

The place of everything possible. This space where we imagine the collections. We meet the challenges of the start-up nation every day. Welcome to 11 Place de la République. #headquarters

June 4, 2023

Édito on The Go

New collection, new DA.

D. Cypre for photography, G. Lerosty for backstage, J.F Jannin for video. #septemberissue

July 26, 2023

Barbie Mood

Barbie mania is getting to our heads in the office. However, Barbie is an Albē girl or nothing! #barbieblur

August 14, 2023

Coming soon

Editorial S24 is on its way... Crafts, fashion and sparkle See you on August 29, 2023 #areyouready

August 29, 2023

New Collection

Months of development, research and testing. It takes us 5 hours to make this Choker. Hand crocheted with brass wire. A know-how that three of us in France have mastered. Quickly ! Shop your ABĀW Choker #craft

OCTOBER 20, 2023

The FÊNO trade show

For the first time, Albē meets its customers at the Normandy Excellence Festival Trade show. The opportunity for us to communicate our commitment. And promote our know-how.


21 NOVEMBRE 2023

Christmas capsule

We recycle our fabric scraps !
Wavy, pointed or round, we had fun making these accessories which have the sole objective of adorning your pretty little necks. [...]


31 - 2 fevrier2024

CIFF Copenhague

If you have to be at a trade show, the one in Copenhagen is definitely the top in its category.
The sustainable aspect being at the heart of Scandinavian fashion, we were able to introduce our values and our DNA to international players who came especially for the event. [...]

13 fevrier 2024

Albē x Vogue

We didn't think one of our biggest dreams for the brand would come true so soon!

Thanks to the British Vogue team <3