The French approach to clothing sizing is quite unique - it is entirely different from any other approach in the industry.
Don't panic, we'll help you see things more clearly.
We've put together this guide to help you choose the size that's right for you.

What is your French size?

The number one rule of French sizing is that there are no rules - your size may change depending on the cut of the garment and the country of manufacture. Thus, we recommend that you always compare your measurements to those of the garment.
It is also important to know that French sizing works according to two systems: alpha sizing and numerical sizing. Here is more information about each system:

Alpha size

Alpha sizing is the simplified system where two to three numeric clothing sizes are combined into one letter size (think S, M & L, etc.). Typically, size alpha is reserved for casual wear, such as t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts.
Our best alpha sizing advice is to either stick to your usual alpha sizing when shopping with French brands, or go one size larger, as the French alpha sizing system always stays snug so the garment hangs be flattering.

Digital sizing

The most classic French sizing system is the numerical sizing system in which a number designates a size relative to specific measurements - say a man's chest or a woman's bust. This system is used when a precise fit and fit are paramount. Below, we help you get familiar with French digital sizing:

Women's Numerical French Clothing Sizes:
  • US size + 32 = French size
  • UK size + 28 = French size
  • EU size – 4 = French size

Examples of French sizes:
  • If you are a UK size 6, you are a French size 34
  • If you do 2 US, you do 34 French
  • If you wear 38 EU, you wear 34 French

French Clothing Size Chart

Size guide